Hezekiah in the Studio

I chatted with our boy Hezekiah today and he’s working on a new album. I’m a huge fan of Hez’s work so I will be bumping that shit hard when it drops. He put out a video today of himself in the studio. I love seeing artists at work so I wanted to share this with everyone. Hez is one of the most well rounded artists out there and I love the way that he is able to collaborate with other artists and bring in musicians to add additional instrumentation to his songs. Anyway, enough from me check the video out and peep Hez on Myspace and follow him on Twitter.

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Before and After

Just wanted to update ya’ll on my progress of the “Make It” video.  Which has a deadline to be finished the end of this month.  Which happens to be the month of my birth.  This 14th I will be celebrating my last year in my 20’s.

Anyway I am on the last and final verse and just banging away at that.  Have a lot more animating to do as well as adding those final sprinkles, but I would say I am 75% finished.  Heres a few before and after images since my first post on the subject of this video.

Fresh-Kill.com in FULL Effect

Definitely check out our homie’s Hilton Carter (director of E Major’s ‘Nuthin’ Nice’) and Evan Guidera’s new company Fresh Kill at their brand new home on the world wide web, www.fresh-kill.com.


“With each piece FRESH KILL delivers a more innovative and detail-oriented product; emphasizing pride in artistry while their competition simply connect the dots.”