Some New Artists To Check For

Recently, Brian from the Hip Hop band, A Cool Stick, hit me up and asked if I wanted to be part of a show at The Ottobar in Jan involving his group, Soul Cannon and a group from VA called The Five One.  I knew of the first two groups off the top and knew it was going to be a dope show so I of course said I’m in!  I didn’t know anything about The Five One though so I decided to check them out online.  I found that I really like their mix of sounds.  You definitely can’t pigeon hole them because they dabble in reggae, rock, R&B and of course Hip Hop.  Very cool stuff and in a similar vein to A Cool Stick who have been working really hard and seem to be popping up everywhere, evening opening this past weekend for Big Sean.   Check out tunes from both A cool Stick and The Five One below.

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