Ill Conscious feat. Cyn Hawkes- The Pledge

Dopeness from Ill Conscious feat. my home girl Cyn Hawkes. Jay Mastermind made a dope vid too. I love the shots of Ill in the bus.

From Ill Conscious:

“‘The Pledge’ is a track based on the betterment of a people.  It preaches liberation, the uplifting of the youth and just rising above hardships & modern oppression of the 21st century.  It portrays a militant feel, yet gives off a very positive, triumphant message.  ‘The Pledge’ also epitomizes what true and expressive hip hop is all about. I am optimistic that many people growing up in tough environments and those who have suffered mentally, physically, as well as economically, will gravitate to this song and video. “

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UllNevaNo – “Hand Movements”

UllNevaNo is back again!  I don’t know anyone that works as hard as he does.  This joint is from his next mixtape, The Color Brown 2, where he’ll be rhyming over tracks by Apollo Brown. The track is called “Hand Movements,” referencing the movements that MC’s do as they spit their rhymes.  The track is dope. Check it out below and let me know what you think.


Scott Free – Make It

My dude Scott Free is definitely an MC to watch.  You can’t front on his all around abilities.  He’s got a dope flow that comes easy to him.  He has lyrics.  He has something to say.  He can put a song together.  And dude comes up with some catchy ass hooks!  Case in point; this new track “Make It.”  The beat is super solid and lets him open up about his aspirations. Peep the video and let me know what you think.