New Video: Hezekiah – Hologram Dreams

Hezekiah hologram Dreams pic 3

The homie Hezekiah is a multi-talented, genre-spanning artist that can do pretty much anything well that he puts his mind to. But for me, when Hez is in straight Hip Hop mode, he’s at his best. He has a new Hip Hop album coming soon and this little jewel is from it. The track called “Hologram Dreams” features Range Da Messenga and has a great balance of straight up knocking drums with a soulful smoothness that Hezekiah has become known for. Peep the video below and let me know what you think.

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E Major on HipHopDx


Over the years I’ve had my music, my videos, my interviews on a number of great websites, in magazines and on radio shows, but it’s always dope to get recognition by a media outlet you haven’t been recognized by before. My video popped up on HipHopDx which as most of you know is one of the biggest Hip Hop sites online.

One of the things I’ve learned is that if a media outlet posts something of yours on their site and that post doesn’t get a lot of views, well, they have no incentive to continue to cover your work. So it’s really important to check out the artists you like/love when they’re posted on these big sites.

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