Thee Tom Hardy feat. King Mez – Tom’s Comet

To be totally honest I’m not really a big fan of Tom Hardy. Mostly because I’m not a fan of his voice but also he’s never really grabbed me. I peeped this joint though because it features my man King Mez and I wasn’t surprised by Mez because he always comes correct but I was surprised by Tom who really came through on this joint and did some patterns that just work. He stops and breaks up lines in places that you’re not always expecting but really sit in the pocket rhythmically. Bottom line I’m feeling this one right here! Production by Jaisu doesn’t hurt either. Dude is nice! What are your thoughts?

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New Music: King Mez feat. Thee Tom Hardy “Nowhere To Go”

The cover for the upcoming album The Paraplegics

My dude King Mez has been doing back to back dope joints.  Today he hit us up with the artwork for his and Commissioner Gordon‘s album The Paraplegics along with the lead single from the album called “Nowhere To Go” feat. Thee Tom Hardy.  This joint is real smooth.  The roll around on a summer night and scoop girls while you’re blazed out of your mind type of joint.  I’m not sure where the sample for this came from but The Commish flipped it really nicely.  I’ll be looking forward to the entire album when it drops.

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