The Other Side of… E Major

Ellipsis abound!!!  Last week I dropped “E Major is… Better Than Yours” and this week I’m part of a column called “The other side of… E Major.”  Wesley Case hit me up and asked if I wanted to be a part of this new feature from the B Weekly paper.  It’s pretty cool cause it gives people who know an artist a deeper look into weird little things that artist is into and for people who have no idea who the artist is, it gives them and interesting introduction.  Now that I read it I realize some of my answers sound a bit “cool guy trying to be cool” but I don’t give a fuck, that’s what I’m into.  Reminds me of a time a friend overheard a girl at a party call me and my friends elitist hipsters.  Lol.  It was so long ago I had to look up what a hipster was.  I was like “Well we are elitists.  She got that part right.” Lol.

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