Photos From The Ottobar Show

Here are a number of photos from this past Saturday’s show at Ottobar.  Unfortunately the battery ran out in the camera after my set so we don’t have any pics of Soul Cannon or A Cool Stick which sucks.  We did get some nice shots of The Five One though and my younger sister was nice enough to take a number of good shots of my performance.  As I told the crowd, I was the only artist that night rocking without a band so I asked them for their energy.  They definitely held me down singing along with hooks as my voice seemed go mid set.  I got some water and was able to finish strong and was really happy with the night overall.  Impulse had my backs on the ones and twos and Harvey Dent was DJing all night between acts.  He kept it moving with some great Hip Hop and I think everyone in the house had a blast.  Soul Cannon definitely showed why they’re known as one of the best live acts in Baltimore.  They totally rocked the house! Thanks to A Cool Stick for asking me to rock and thanks to everyone who came out!

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A Cool Stick, E Major, Soul Cannon and Five One THIS Saturday!

This Saturday, January 15th, I’m rocking out with some of the best Hip Hop bands in the region.  Myself, A Cool Stick, Soul Cannon and The Five One will be taking the stage at the Ottobar in Baltimore and hopefully winning over some new fans.  We hope to see you in the building THIS Saturday!!!  All the information is on the above flier.

~E Major