Fresh Kill’s Latest, E Major Vids, and Pedestrian July 4th Party

Hilton Carter and his company Fresh Kill were out in LA not long ago shooting a video for Iglu & Hartly ‘s single “DayGlo.”  The post production work is in full swing and should be wrapped in the coming weeks.  There’s a lot of green screen so I imagine the post work is going to be intense.  Check out Fresh Kill’s blog for more photos.

Speaking of music videos, Under Sound is releasing TWO videos featuring me in the coming month!  One is for “Make It” and you may remember that was shot some time ago.  There was a LOT of animation to it so it has taken some time but it’s SUPER ill.  Can’t wait for everyone to see it.

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City Paper Covers Booman Remix

Booman – Photo by Josh Sisk

Once again The City Paper shows it’s support for Under Sound Music and the whole Baltimore Music scene by posting about Booman‘s Paper Runnin’ Remix almost immediately after it was dropped.  You have to love when local media supports local talent.  Shouts to music editor Micheal Byrne for the love.  See the full story HERE.

~E Major



Peace Everyone!

I’m really excited to share a brand new remix with you done by none other then DJ Booman of the world famous Doo-Dew Kidz. For those that don’t know The Doo-Dew Kidz created some of the most classic Club Music that Baltimore produced in the 90’s so we’re REALLY happy that Booman was able to hook this up for us. I even laid down new vocals so you know it’s official.

Click HERE to get the single and the album art NOW!

And check out this link to see more about The Doo-Dew Kidz: Doo-Dew Kidz Introduction.

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