DJ Harvey Dent Mix!


One of our favorite DJ’s, Harvery Dent (don’t get it twisted, this dude ain’t two faced at all!), put the mix online that he did for Morgan State Univerisity’s 88.9 Strictly Hip Hop.  You definitely want to download this for your Memorial Day celebrations.  Check Harvey on Myspace and follow him on Twitter.


~E Major

E Major; An 88.9 FM Test Bin Winner


Strictly Hip Hop’s Ahk at the helm.

Ok, I didn’t have any clue any of my music was going to be in the test bin but Impulse heard it on his way hom from DJ’ing Friday night.  I don’t know which song it was but Impulse said he heard that we won,  so we’re definitely phsyced about that.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve been told Ahk and the good people up at 88.9’s Strictly Hip Hop have played my music so I have to give them a big shout and say thanks.  We appreciate the love!  AND we appreciate all those that called in with good words for the song that they played.

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