Michael Sterling Eaton’s Friday the 13th


Director/Photographer/Musician Michael Sterling Eaton

FRIDAY THE 13th: A NIGHT WITH THE COOL KIDS and MOS DEF from Creative Control on Vimeo.

It’s always cool to see an old friend doing some really cool stuff.  I met Michael almost 10 years ago now through a mutual friend and it’s been cool to hear about and see his path as he found his calling.  Michael works on many photo and video projects including national campaigns for Billabong.  Check out his site here. He’s working on this short film that features Mos Def and many of you probably know that Mos is one of my all time lyrical idols.  I’m really happy to see this project in the works and I hope everyone checks it out when it drops.

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Moth Trailer

MOTH Trailer from FRESH KILL on Vimeo.

As we previously told you, our good friend and some time collaborator, Hilton Carter has a new film called Moth coming out.  The film is put out under he and Evan Guidera’s Cartera umbrella and is produced by Penn Badgely.  This is the trailer of what looks like is going to be an amazing short film about Sophie, a beautiful drug abusing young actress, who flies into Los Angeles from New York, for a job. While staying at the home of some family friends, who just happen to be out of town, Sophie finds her boredom and unhappiness to be the least of her problems.

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