Fresh Kill Party

We had a great time on Friday.  Almost all of the Under Sound Crew was in the house for Hilton Carter’s fund raising party, Loot Cake$.  There were a bunch of people that were waiting on a line outside of the store for the Air Yeezys to be released and they were invited to come in and check out some of the videos that Hilton was showing.  I think everyone was really impressed and I think I can speak for Hilton when I say that the money that was donated for the sake of his art is very much appreciated.  Here’s a little video from the event.

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Ain’t No Party Like a Fresh Kill Party!

With our own DJ Impulse on the 1’s and 2’s.  Make sure to check out Fresh Kill’s NEW BLOG!  And see some of their work at


When: Friday, April 3rd.  From 8pm to 10pm.

Where: Shop Gentei

Why: To raise money for Hilton Carter’s upcoming short film.

*Cash bar all night.

Mos Def At Ram’s Head

A big shout to Hezekiah for doing his thing yesterday.  Impulse and I somehow did not realize how early the show was starting and missed him.  Everyone that I knew at the show said he ripped it though and that was evident by the crowd that formed around his merch table at the end of the night.  Here are some pics from there and subsiquently at the Ottobar afterwards where myself and Impulse stopped off to see Gentei’s Hip Hop Dan.


E Major, Hezekiah, DJ Statik and DJ Impulse.


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