Coming Soon: Rome Cee – The Extra Mile

Rome Cee

I’ve posted about Rome Cee a couple of times on here.  He’s a really dope up and coming MC from Baltimore’s west side that mixes soulful instrumentals and an artistic outlook with a streetwise mentality to create something pure and original.  Rome has worked the Baltimore scene for some time now, most recently releasing his stellar Tunnel Vision (FreEP) on his Bandcamp page.  He’s been featured on the Government Names blog, as well as Morgan State Radio’s Strictly Hip Hop program.

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New Music: Rome Cee – Time Is Now

Rome Cee is definitely one of the dudes to watch in B’more right now.  He’s a GRINDER.  Go ahead, Google him. He’s put out a few mixtapes and we recently posted his track “Ventilation.” In listening to a number of tracks on his Bandcamp, this one really stuck out to me so I wanted to share it with you.  But don’t stop here check out his past stuff and get to know Rome Cee.

~E Major

New Music: Rome Cee – Ventilation

Rome Cee is one of the most interesting and promising artists from B’more in my opinion.  I’ve checked a number of tracks from him since seeing him on Al Shipley‘s comprehensive B’more Hip Hop blog Government Names.  Rome, has an effortless flow, a dope voice, lyrics and he consistently gets on fresh ass beats.  What more do you want really?  Peep this new track called “Ventilation” from his EP The Frostbrandie and let us know if you want to hear more from this young Baltimore representative.

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