New Video: Rickie Jacobs – “86 Draft”

One of my homie’s posted this new Ricki Jacobs on Tumblr. Rickie’s one of my favorite Baltimore artists. He’s got a really versatile catalogue. This joint is a little more classic Hip Hop sound and is pretty dope. He rhymes; “you focus on bread…/ And that shit’ll never last/ Focus on your dreams then get the cream, that’s better math.” Word the fuck up!

Follow him @RickieJacobs.

~E Major

New Music: Rickie Jacobs – Look At Me (Freestyle)

Rickie Jacobs is one of the up and coming artists from B’more to watch.  He has a pretty versatile flow, funny punch lines and a boat load of charisma.  I’m not sure if this is an original beat or if it’s from another song (I can be out of touch sometimes so forgive me if I should know this beat), but it’s got a kind of cool, minimal spaciness to it that lets Rickie get busy.  Definitely a fun listen.  Shoutout to Rickie for the 50 Tyson line. Hilarious!

~E Major

New Music: Rickie Jacobs feat. John Regan – “So Far So Good”

We’ve post a few times about the B’more artist John Regan, who had a really well received album chock full of dope collabs.  We got some good feedback too, so when he sent over this track by Rickie Jacobs that he’s featured on, making it a double dose of first-name-last-name rappers, I immediately gave it a listen.  The track is from Rickie’s Air Jacobs Reloaded album and features a slow piano loop and haunting vocal sample that set a nice tone, while the contrasting deep kicks bounce along allowing the MC’s to do a little double time rap that really sets the track off.

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