The Other Side of… E Major

Ellipsis abound!!!  Last week I dropped “E Major is… Better Than Yours” and this week I’m part of a column called “The other side of… E Major.”  Wesley Case hit me up and asked if I wanted to be a part of this new feature from the B Weekly paper.  It’s pretty cool cause it gives people who know an artist a deeper look into weird little things that artist is into and for people who have no idea who the artist is, it gives them and interesting introduction.  Now that I read it I realize some of my answers sound a bit “cool guy trying to be cool” but I don’t give a fuck, that’s what I’m into.  Reminds me of a time a friend overheard a girl at a party call me and my friends elitist hipsters.  Lol.  It was so long ago I had to look up what a hipster was.  I was like “Well we are elitists.  She got that part right.” Lol.

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Under Sound Mentioned in City Paper’s Big Music Issue

This is a great story about the new business models being presented by upstart and boutique labels (like Under Sound Music for example). Here’s an excerpt that mentions us. Thanks to the City Paper for their continued support of our movement.

The converse to that, but still very much a boutique, might be the MC E Major’s recently launched Under Sound label (“Kinda Like Something Big,” Music, Feb. 3). It’s released music by other artists, sure, but Under Sound’s three partners also agree that it’s very much a label and brand revolving around E Major. And these days, it is entirely possible to have a label centered on one artist, particularly in something as personality driven as hip-hop.

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