Hip Hop Video: Rome Cee – Illusions of Love

Rome Cee – Illusions Of Love(87 Conceptions) from Pascal 4ED on Vimeo.

New shit from Rome Cee and a video that strikes the right chord. I originally heard this song a while ago and I liked it right off the bat. I mean what a catchy ass hook! The drums on this joint stutter and knock around while synths come in and then it breaks down to the piano for the verses and Rome shines. The video is dope too. Has a definite cinematic quality. You can definitely seen the progress that 87 Conceptions (Pascal and Jay Mastermind) have made in their video production on this one.

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Rome Cee at UMD’s FlyBoy Radio

Yesterday Rome Cee continued his media onslaught promoting The Extra Mile appearing on University of MD’s FlyBoy Radio.  The popular Sunday Hip Hop show is run by none other than our homie TASK.  Here’s a video shot by Jay Mastermind showing the behind the scenes of yesterday’s show.  And don’t forget The Extra Mile drops TOMORROW!!!

~E Major

Children Of The Stars – Masquerade Ball

I’m sure many of you are getting acquainted with our homie Rome Cee and his music.  He continues to gain recognition through his versatile style and amazing work ethic.  What you might not know is that him, Pascal and Golden Infamous have a group of their own called Children of the Stars.  This video right here shows the creativity that they embody in their music.  Directed by DanDaCameraman, the video has plenty of eye candy and gives us another look at what Rome can do while introducing many of us to Pascal and Golden Infamous.  Check it out below and leave your comments.

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