The Demonstrators’ “Paper Runnin’ Booman Remix” on

This week The Demonstrators hit song, “Paper Runnin’ Booman Remix” was featured on an episode of a show on  Navigating the current music environment is tricky and getting a song featured on something as widespread as an ABC series can be really good for gaining more exposure for our label.  So when we our friend Hilton Carter was editing for this series and asked if we wanted the song featured there was really no hesitation.  This feature will get “Paper Runnin'” and pure Baltimore Club music for that matter, heard by many ears that most likely would not have heard of either previously.

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Paper Runnin’ x Ghosts N Stuff


This is one of the more interesting things to happen to a track that I was part of.  The homie Quixotic and Elliot Caps mashed “Paper Runnin'” with the hugely popular “Ghosts N Stuff” from Deadmau5.  The resulting track is pretty dope.  I like it.  The “Paper Runnin'” bit that they sampled from us starts about halfway though.  I Googled this song and it’s been posted a lot of places all over the Internet.  So the legacy of “Paper Runnin'” continues.  We first dropped it back in 2008 and it’s still going strong online and even on our hometown’s commercial station, 92Q.  Thanks to everyone that keeps supporting this track.  Make sure you download the original, the Booman Remix, The Face Remix, the DJ Excel remix and WATCH THE VIDEO!  LOL!  Yeah, I know… it’s a lot.  The new remix is below for streaming and download.

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Video Release Party Footage

BIG shout out to DJ Face for putting this together.  It was a great event and we appreciate all the support.  I pretty much thank everyone involved in the videos in this video so I’ll forego all that.  But I definitely want to thank the fans and bloggers that are continuing to share the “Make It” and “Paper Runnin'” videos with their friends, families and readers.

Undersound Video Release Party from Sean Armstrong on Vimeo.