A Few Random Things



Photography by www.oneviisiion.com

The above photos are from a shoot that E Major did with One Viisiion for an interview now featured on THEIR BLOG.  Definitely worth taking the time to check that out.

And we just KEEP getting media love.  Check out this write up on Super Official on our boy Eddie.

Also, Bmore Original‘s DJ Excel laced us with his take on “Paper Runnin” this week.  CLICK HERE to get your free download while it lasts.

So we’ve got a remix from Philadelphia’s DJ Excel of the Scratch Mekaniks Crew, as well as one from DC’s DJ Face of the True School DJ’s, and now this from Bmore Original’s Excel.  But it ain’t over yet. We got a couple more surprises coming up.  Plus check back and/or join the email to make sure you’re getting all the free music that we put out there.

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