New Album: Sean Armstrong – “Truth Be Told”


We’ve covered the leaks, we had an exclusive interview and now the album is here.  So given our in depth coverage I won’t say much more.  I’ll just say that I think Sean put together a really solid effort hear and though it’s called a mixtape, “Truth Be Told” is more like a street album (?) because it’s 100% original music.  Each track is produced by Dischoe who gives Sean a soulful sound scape to lay his vocals on.  Continuing the familial vibe, Sean only features me (E Major), Ab Rock, PX’s Jurawd and Sean’s old partner in rhyme Black Classic, as well as some soulful hooks sung by Ben Byrd and Measha.  As usual though, don’t take my word for DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

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Happy New Year People!

Young Zen and Verbatim

So it’s definitely a New Year.  This is evident by the amount of people on the tred mills at the gym hard at work on their resolutions.  I wish the ones that knew they’d just go back to vegging out on their couches and eating everything except veggies would just get the hell outta my way and let me do my work out.


We’re here.  2009.  And it feels good.  We’re looking forward to some great things this year and we hope you join us for the ride.  It’s a tough time to be in charge of a business for anyone but we love making music so… well… you know… “We can’t stop!” © Diddy.

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