NEW MUSIC: Scott Free – Up In Flames

Another one of those Makeshift Deluxe cats!  Definitely get used to hearing more and more from this crew.  They’re gearing up to finish this year out really strong with releases from multiple artists with all kinds of projects.  The young homie right here is Scott Free who also goes by the name Finesse.  If you get anything from this post it should be that this is a dude to keep on your radar.  I’ve heard a few joints off of his upcoming project and if you ask me, he’s got that x-factor.  Definitely check this joint out and let me know if you agree.

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New Music: Rickie Jacobs feat. John Regan – “So Far So Good”

We’ve post a few times about the B’more artist John Regan, who had a really well received album chock full of dope collabs.  We got some good feedback too, so when he sent over this track by Rickie Jacobs that he’s featured on, making it a double dose of first-name-last-name rappers, I immediately gave it a listen.  The track is from Rickie’s Air Jacobs Reloaded album and features a slow piano loop and haunting vocal sample that set a nice tone, while the contrasting deep kicks bounce along allowing the MC’s to do a little double time rap that really sets the track off.

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New Music from Jae B


Many of you are aware that I usually only post about friends and affiliates of Under Sound on this blog.  I usually don’t post from submissions though I do get them from time to time.  This is one of the rare times when I have to make an acception.

When I got the email from Jae B asking if we did artist spotlights I informed him that I usually don’t post about artists outside the Under Sound family but that I’d give his music a listen.  He sent me two links to two different mixtapes and after listening to the first one First Semester, I knew I had to post about it.  I’ve always said that if I got to a point where I had some kind of influence I’d make sure I’d help good music be heard.  Now granted this blog isn’t that big at this time, but it’s something that some people follow that are looking for good music.  For those that do follow us to hear something new and fresh, I think I’d be doing you a disservice by not posting Jae B’s music.  Flat out, this kid is nice with it.  Period.

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