Kane Mayfield at Mobtown Studios

“Round of applause for my lust!” -Kane Mayfield at Mobtown Studios

Last week I went to one of Mobtown Studios‘ “microshows” for my homie Kane Mayfield.  It’s a great idea really.  Kane invited some press and close friends and recorded the whole thing with a live band.  The result of which will be a live album of songs that we’ve heard and ones that have never been released.  Kane really used the small, intimate space to have fun and let his comedian side shine, speaking directly to some audience members by name and calling on everyone to partake in some of the free drinks they provided.  Kane is one of the biggest personalities I know and the small room we were in could barely contain him.  He moved around as much as he could, sneering and smiling to accentuate his lyrics in an almost musical play-like performance.  It was a really relaxed atmosphere which allowed for a lot of interplay between Kane and the folks that came to watch.  I’m really interested to see how it translates to the live album.

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