Matth Damon – “So Long”

If you frequent this blog then you’ve heard of the homie matth aka matth damon. And if you frequent this blog you might also know that I’m huge fan of this dude right here. This joint is testament as to why. The beat has the perfect emotion for matth to spit lines like “No dimes or wooden nickels, see change is detrimental, but fame I’m just not into” as he muses on what the music biz has become (“skinny jeans will get your Youtube viewed) and where his place is within it (maybe my timing is off/ but I been fighting for my life trynna survive behind bars).

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Rome Cee x matth damon – “The Last Men Standing”

I have been waiting for weeks to put this out for people to hear.  Honestly, these two dudes are at their best on this joint.  And that’s saying something because both matth and Rome Cee always come correct.  This might sound a bit grandiose but when I hear this it’s like hearing AZ and Nas on “Life’s a Bitch.”  It’s definitely more aggressive than that track but the way that they interact with eachother on the track is similar to me.  I can’t stop listening to this track.  The beat by Justin Ambush is epic in that big, movie theme kind of way. I can imagine this being the backdrop for a 2011 version of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.”  I guess you can tell I’m feeling this joint. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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matth damon – “I’m Coming Around” Video

“I feel a little Laker-ish; Worthy of the accolades” – matth damon

BOOM! My dude matth comes through with a quality vid for a dope, short and sweet track.  The concept is simple; a call wakes him up, and he goes down and gets in the car.  And for some reason all his boys are just kicking it in his living room when he gets up.  Lol.  But what we get is an introduction to the emcee named matth.  We see little hints of his interests like his sneaker box on the floor, and the overall vibe of the video’s realness lets us know the angle at which he’s attacking the game.  I’ve said it before, matth is easily one of the most interesting MC’s out right now.  It’s just a matter of time before everyone else sees it.  Peep the video and leave your comments with how you feel about it.

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