Nuthin’ Nice (Sean-Touré Remix) – E Major Feat. Hezekiah from The Big La, Todd Kelley on Vimeo.

Honored to have my track, “Nuthin’ Nice” which was the first single I ever put out, remixed by the endlessly talented Sean Touré and then to have the video remixed as well is super dope. This has been making it’s way around the net so check it out and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to grab Sean’s remix album that features this track among a ton of other tracks by artists you know and love.

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Before and After

Just wanted to update ya’ll on my progress of the “Make It” video.  Which has a deadline to be finished the end of this month.  Which happens to be the month of my birth.  This 14th I will be celebrating my last year in my 20’s.

Anyway I am on the last and final verse and just banging away at that.  Have a lot more animating to do as well as adding those final sprinkles, but I would say I am 75% finished.  Heres a few before and after images since my first post on the subject of this video.

Mertz Rockin’ That E Major Tee

Just got this photo of one of the art world’s illest up and coming artists rockin’ the E Major, Majority Rules Tee shirt.  The artist in question is Jose Mertz aka Leemerooski. Our homie Hilton Carter was on his way back from chillin’ with Impulse on the cruise line and stopped off in Miami to kick it with Mertz for a minute and shot this over from his iPhone.

Remember, we still have some Tees left so go over to the store and grab one while they’re still available.

~E Major

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