Bump My Own Ish…

I hadn’t listened to The Major Major Mixtape in a couple of months but over the weekend I pulled it up on the iPod and road around to it a bit.  This song really sticks out to me every time.  My homegirl and collaborator on many songs, Cynthia Hawkes took what I had come up with for a hook and really made it work.  The beat is by an old friend Rex who hasn’t been really making beats that much recently but he really came up with something dope with this and when he sent it I said “I am definitely using this.”  Anyway, check it out if you haven’t heard it and if you have, then revisit it.

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New Video: E Major – “Want To Be Me” prod. by Eddie Pearson

Want To Be Me from Under Sound Music on Vimeo.

Baltimore’s Under Sound Music releases another high quality ‘mini-video’ from E Major’s The Major Major Mixtape.  This video is for the Eddie Pearson produced “Want To Be Me.” To drive home the idea of the song, the video features E Major in his home and his home recording studio.  “Want To Be Me” is about anyone that hopes to gain success and still stay true to who they are.  The idea is that we are no more ourselves then when in our own personal surroundings.

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3/23/10 – “The Major Major MIxtape” Release Party

This is going to be such a fun night.  Our good friends at Pedx and Always Dope are helping us celebrate the release of The Major Major Mixtape and we’ll even have slim case copies for those in attendance (while supplies last of course).  These are really limited in quantity so come through and get your copy.  I’ll be doing a set as well as  group called Ground Up and our good friend Eddie is coming down from his new home in NYC to DJ for a bit.

For me a release party is two things.  One, it’s like a bit of closure.  It’s a way of saying that I’m done working on this project (not promoting it of course) and I can move onto recording other material.  Secondly, it’s a way of thanking those involved in making the project possible and the fans and friends that make it possible for me to put out music.  So I really hope we have a good turnout.  I’ve already gotten confirmation from some fam from PA and DC that they’ll be in the building so Bmore needs to really represent on this one.

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