UllNevaNo’s Favorite Hip Hop Albums of 2010

Our homie UllNevaNo listens to more Hip Hop albums then anyone I know.  He’s not only an artist, he’s truly a fan of this music.  So naturally when I wanted to post up a list of some of the best Hip Hop from the underground I asked him what his favorites of 2010 are.  He wrote back with the following list.  I have a few albums on here that I’m going to have to check out! -E

“My top 10 Hip Hop albums for 2010 are and this was extremely tough, there was a tremendous amount of good that dropped this year.. 1.Boog Brown and Apollo Brown- Brown Study 2. Homeboy SandMan-The Good Sun 3. Von Pea-Peas Gotta Have It 4. The Roots-How I Got Over 5. Strong Arm Steady-In Search of Stoney Jackson 6.Trek Life and Oddisee-Everything Changed Nothing 7.Skyzoo and Illmind-Live from the Tape Deck 8. J-Live-Undvided Attention EP 9.LMNO and Astronote(10 pack)-Tripping on this Journey 10.Gangrene(Alchemist and Oh No)-Gutter Water”