New Music: August Flight Gordon – Beach Days


August Flight Gordon has released Beach Days, an EP of lazy summer day instrumental tunes. August is a recent collaborator of mine and is a producer that folks really need to check for. In his own words, Beach Days is like “…cruisin in the parking lot in a 67 something looking at girlies in high socks and roller skates too.” Check it out below and visit Bandcamp to buy at a name your own price, cost.

New Video: E Major – “Outrageous”

Baltimore-bred, Los Angeles-based emcee E Major presents the self-directed music video to “Outrageous”, the 3rd leak from his upcoming album Baltimore Bruin. Coming on the heels of his videos for  “Feature Presentation”  (watch here) and  “Zodiac Freestyle”  (watch here), “Outrageous” utilizes “Movie Finale,” a beat by California producer Madlib which appeared on his Beat Konducta In India project and was also used by Mos Def for his song “Auditorium.” “My wife’s family is from India and I’ve been there three times,” says E of the video. “It was just the perfect thing to shoot while on one of my trips there. I was able to rope a bunch of family members into helping me out and we hired the auto rickshaw driver and we went guerrilla style around the city of Cochin. The video is more about the feeling of the track than any of the content. I was trying to capture what it’s like to be in a totally different world like India.”

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My First BBQ (in LA)

So, I’m aware that I haven’t posted much on here recently.  If you follow me on Twitter or if you’re a fan on Facebook then you know why.  I recently (like 3 weeks ago) moved to LA.  It was a big haul from Baltimore to sunny California and me and wifey have spent much of our time settling in since we’ve been here. We sold a bunch of stuff before we left so we have to acquire new things.  So since it’s been super hectic, we wanted to take Labor Day and kick it… West Coast style.  Which as it turns out isn’t much different from East Coast style, but that might have to do with the fact that half of the people at the BBQ were from Baltimore!  Our good friend Hilton Carter was our host and it was just a day of food, fun and flip cup.  Check the pics to see how we get down.

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