Pics from Forever Shining

Illa J and E Major backstage. More photos below.

As has been the case with every Dilla tribute event that I’ve been part of since Hip Hop suffered the loss of one of the most talented and prolific producers it’s seen, last night’s “Forever Shining” event was something special.  I think many of the attendees would agree that it was probably the best one that we’ve had in Baltimore.  The band was great and the performers did they’re thing.  From UllNevaNo opening with “The Red” to Illa J ending the performance portion doing songs from his Yancey Boys album as well as choice Dilla/Slum Village tracks, it was an overall really entertaining event as a performer and an audience member.  The numerous DJ’s added to the vibe and it was dope to go to the upstairs bar to get away from the crowd for a minute to get a drink and hear the DJ’s dig a little deeper into the J Dilla legacy with some rare treats and even a “milk crate” session where they played samples that Dilla used back to back with the songs he used them in while Ahk from Morgan State’s 88.9FM hosted.

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Photos From The D.C. Dilla Tribute

Amazing is the only word that can describe last night. The energy, the band, the performers, the crowd, the love. And all for my greatest musical inspiration J Dilla and his family. Thanks to J Laine (also, for having me and Cynthia Hawkes down to represent for B’more in the annual event. It was a blast. Here are some photos courtesy of my man Kris Price/SEIU. Thanks for hooking me up with these so expediently!


Soul Brotha #2, Grap Luv


The amazing crowd. The bouncers ended up having to turn people away.

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