New Album: Anonymous Conglomerate – Power Lunch

It’s here, baby! Maryland based Hip Hop collective Anonymous Conglomerate, consisting of MC J Berd and producers Heroes 4 Hire, have released their album, Power Lunch, featuring appearances from Ruste Juxx, Nightwalker, E Major, One Ton & DJ MInus 9!

Ranging from rough, rugged & raw to smooth & funky, Heroes 4 Hire’s boom bap spin is the perfect soundbed for J Berd to practice his craft.  Humorous anecdotes, straight braggadocio raps, real life…it’s all there, wrapped up in Anonymous Conglomerate’s Power Lunch, released September 10, 2013, on Baltimore/Los Angeles based label Under Sound Music.

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New Music: Anonymous Conglomerate – Craft Mastered feat. One Ton | Power Lunch drops Tuesday!


Definition of master (n) mas·ter [ mástər] 1. a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.

J Berd of the Maryland based Hip Hop collective Anonymous Conglomerate further explains what mastering one’s craft means, saying “to truly master something, you have to have been exposed to every aspect of the craft.”  As an MC that means mastering “patterns, schemes, timing, inflection, relevance, adlibs, ect.”

Today Berd, along with his AC cohorts, the Heroes 4 Hire, releases “Craft Mastered” featuring One Ton, the 5th leak off their forthcoming project, Power Lunch. The track showcases not only J Berd’s mastery of MCing, but his frequent collaborator One Ton’s skill as well. Not to mention the behind the boards mastery of the Heroes 4 Hire.

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New Music: Anonymous Conglomerate


Uh oh… guess what day it is!? That’s right, Hump Day! Those of us who have to work the 9 to 5 hustle and grind know that feeling of the approaching weekend, as we prepare to cut loose from our day job’s ties that bind. With that in mind, Maryland based Hip Hop collective Anonymous Conglomerate, consisting of J Berd and the Heroes 4 Hire, release “Wednesday” the 4th leak off their forthcoming project, Power Lunch.

“It’s basically just a tune about the struggle of getting through the work week and balancing the music life too.” say the Heroes 4 Hire, explaining that many people forget the sacrifices that working artists have to make.

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