Exclusive Interview: UllNevaNo

Anyone that follows either the Baltimore Hip Hop scene or the East Coast Grind Time freestyle battles has no doubt heard of UllNevaNo, making his name itself almost paradoxical, which is pretty cool.  Under Sound Music, along with RockTheDub.com, Agio Life and DJ Harvey Dent are presenting UllNeva’s upcoming mixtape The Color Brown which features the young wordsmith spitting over nothing but Kev Brown instrumentals.  We sat down with him to talk about his inspirations, his process to writing and what to expect from his upcoming project.

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Exclusive Interview: Sean Armstrong

Photo by Aaron “zu” Keeny

Written by: E Major

Once you become known as a DJ how do one transition from behind the decks to the front of the stage without everyone calling you a rapping DJ? Kanye successfully became an MC after being known solely as a producer but has there ever been a DJ that successfully holds down the tables and the mic?  Considering that MCing was created by DJ’s bragging and boasting over their mixes, you would think there would be more of this happening.  Sean Armstrong also known as DJ Face, one of the DJ’s in 9th Wonder‘s respected True School DJ crew, appears to be one of the few that has the skill to do both with admirable skill.

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