E.T. – Lumps and Bumps feat. Hus

New joint from Tislam and his partner in rhyme, E.Q. This joint “Lumps and Bumps” features Hus and it really has a throwback vibe to it. But not like old-school throwback. More like Rawkus era. I can definitely imagine hearing this on a mixtape around early 2000’s and really going nuts over it. Which doesn’t mean that it isn’t a dope song in 2012. The smoothed out beat is really fresh and all three MC’s bob and weave around it really nicely. Hus, who I’m hearing on this for the first time has a raspy, easy voice and muses on the song’s topic of dealing with the bumps we all deal with on the daily saying “life’s nothin’ but ‘wish-you-hads’ and price tags.”

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