New Music: Rome Cee – Rap Messiah Freestyle

“I might just bring real altogether back. You darin’ me?” – Rome Cee (@romecee1)

The homie Rome Cee sent over this freestyle and I had to post it right away.  I feel like this is a good example of why he’s uniting with Under Sound for his next mixtape, The Extra Mile.  I don’t have to say much about this freestyle because it speaks for itself.  I think once it ends though, you’ll be wanting more.  Great beat and Rome flows over it perfectly.

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New Music: Rickie Jacobs – Look At Me (Freestyle)

Rickie Jacobs is one of the up and coming artists from B’more to watch.  He has a pretty versatile flow, funny punch lines and a boat load of charisma.  I’m not sure if this is an original beat or if it’s from another song (I can be out of touch sometimes so forgive me if I should know this beat), but it’s got a kind of cool, minimal spaciness to it that lets Rickie get busy.  Definitely a fun listen.  Shoutout to Rickie for the 50 Tyson line. Hilarious!

~E Major

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New Music: E Major – “Speakers On Blast Freestyle”

I was kind of in the mood to go hard on a freestyle and when I heard Skyzoo’s “Speakers On Blast” produced by Illmind, I knew it was a good beat to just go nuts on.  I had some fun with it, making it a little darker than what Skyzoo did with it; chopping a screwing a lot of my vocals.  Peep it out and let me know what you think!