New Music: E Major – New Day


New track from my forthcoming EP length mixtape where I’m going in over Madlib beats. The 2nd from said project. Expect the whole thing to drop around the end of spring/beginning of summer. I start out writing these things with the intent of simply doing some wordplay and shit talking and while I do plenty of that, so far these “freestyles” have been peppered with an unintended self reflection. I keep taking stock of my personal relationship with Hip Hop. It’s kind of interesting. But it’s like I say in this particular track “I guess I use it just to ask questions/ to take out my aggression and to bask in my obsessions.”

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Free Download: King Mez and Khrysis – “King’s Khrysis”


It’s a day of EP’s!  Today our homie King Mez, who I’m sure you all remember from our work together here and here.  Well, as you can see, Mez is making the right moves and has linked up with Khrysis for a whole EP of dopeness.  As I’m writing this I’m listening and it’s exactly what you’d expect stupid, dope, retarded beats with Mez going HAM SANDWICH over each track.  Now stop reading this shit and go download King’s Khryisis.

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