Under Sound Unveils Artwork for Eddie’s “Sound Wandering”

It’s with excitement and pride that I get to unveil the artwork for Eddie’s project Sound Wandering.  I personally did the artwork based on some photography taken by a friend of Eddie’s down in VA Beach.  We actually did 4 versions of album art until we all agreed on this one.  We’re all very excited for Eddie’s project.  We’re currently starting the buzz machine by sending out press releases and getting in touch with college and internet radio.  The album is currently getting mastered and we’ll have the single out soon.

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Happy New Year People!

Young Zen and Verbatim

So it’s definitely a New Year.  This is evident by the amount of people on the tred mills at the gym hard at work on their resolutions.  I wish the ones that knew they’d just go back to vegging out on their couches and eating everything except veggies would just get the hell outta my way and let me do my work out.


We’re here.  2009.  And it feels good.  We’re looking forward to some great things this year and we hope you join us for the ride.  It’s a tough time to be in charge of a business for anyone but we love making music so… well… you know… “We can’t stop!” © Diddy.

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