Mertz Rockin’ That E Major Tee

Just got this photo of one of the art world’s illest up and coming artists rockin’ the E Major, Majority Rules Tee shirt.  The artist in question is Jose Mertz aka Leemerooski. Our homie Hilton Carter was on his way back from chillin’ with Impulse on the cruise line and stopped off in Miami to kick it with Mertz for a minute and shot this over from his iPhone.

Remember, we still have some Tees left so go over to the store and grab one while they’re still available.

~E Major

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Weekend Parties

This past Labor Day weekend was a fun one.  There were two really great parties.  I’m the worst at bringing my camera so since just myself and the woman went to the Gentei one, we don’t have any pics.  There are plenty from the Pedestrian party though and I present you with a handful of them here.  These are swipped from Pedestrian’s blog and from Zen’s Facebook page.

As you probably know, I am a big streetwear fan, with one of my company’s being DUMB HEAVY, I’m very much a part of that scene.  I love being in the environment of streetwear heads.  Both of the parties over the weekend had plenty of eye candy from the females to the kicks on folks feet.  Anyway, without further yacking, here are the pics.

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