Eddie On GWU’s Funkadelic Freestyles

On Tuesday, March 3rd, Eddie, myself and DJ Impulse went down to GWU so we could give Jamie the rest of GWU’s listeners the skinny on what Eddie’s got cooking up.  Eddie got some video and will be posting that soon and hopefully we’ll have the link to Funkadelic Freestyles podcast.  In the meantime I just got a couple of pics before we went into the studio.  I have no idea why these are the only two photos that I took.  Peep Impulse and his freshly shaven face.  Gives homie that toddler status.

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Paper Runnin’ Video Shoot

Impulse getting that Paper Runnin.

Lasers, raining money, paper factories, chocolate muffins, shoes, baby head and board games sum up this past weekend on the set of “Paper Runnin”, the new video for The Demonstrators.  It was a bare minimum gorilla style crew, but we have all worked together many many times so things went relatively smoothly.  I say relatively because no shoots in the history of shoots go flawless, so there where the usual hiccups nothing major (except E-Major) LMSCAO (laugh my sexy Caucasian ass off) not LMGAO as refereed to by Mr. Major.
Anyway thanks to the crew…ME.  As well as the talented Hilton Carter of Fresh Kill and the proficient man behind the camera Mr. G Whiz, Garret Guidera.

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