Pics From Our Friends

Some posts and pics hit the web recently and being that I’m in L.A. now I really enjoyed checking out what the homie’s back east are up to. So, I figured why not share with you all.

First up was Sean Toure’s video release party for “In The Heat of The Night” featuring yU at Pedx Baltimore. Our good friend DJ Harvey Dent was in the place and grabbed these photos which he posted to his Facebook account. Make sure you check out his blog, High Yellow Soul.

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New Mix: DJ Harvey Dent “Procrastination May 2010”

I think I’ve only ever posted one Harvey Dent mix.  Which means I’m an asshole really.  Harvey is like an honorary member of Under Sound.  This dude has repped us so hard over the years.  He’s one of the first DJ’s to start playing our stuff and seriously holding us down without ever having to be asked to do it.  That’s love!  Harvey has even DJ’d for me a couple of times and the last time he did, when opening for Camp Lo, he showed up wearing an E Major T shirt!  That was like the coolest thing to me.  Anyway, he puts together some great Hip Hop mixes.  He’s definitely put me onto some tracks over the years.  Here’s his latest that actually has me and Hezekiah’s track “Be Alright” on it as well as a host of really dope artists.  So in case we haven’t laced you with enough dope music in the past week, DL this and put in the iPod.

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DJ Harvey Dent Mix!


One of our favorite DJ’s, Harvery Dent (don’t get it twisted, this dude ain’t two faced at all!), put the mix online that he did for Morgan State Univerisity’s 88.9 Strictly Hip Hop.  You definitely want to download this for your Memorial Day celebrations.  Check Harvey on Myspace and follow him on Twitter.


~E Major