The Demonstrators’ “Paper Runnin’ Booman Remix” on

This week The Demonstrators hit song, “Paper Runnin’ Booman Remix” was featured on an episode of a show on  Navigating the current music environment is tricky and getting a song featured on something as widespread as an ABC series can be really good for gaining more exposure for our label.  So when we our friend Hilton Carter was editing for this series and asked if we wanted the song featured there was really no hesitation.  This feature will get “Paper Runnin'” and pure Baltimore Club music for that matter, heard by many ears that most likely would not have heard of either previously.

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Peace Everyone!

I’m really excited to share a brand new remix with you done by none other then DJ Booman of the world famous Doo-Dew Kidz. For those that don’t know The Doo-Dew Kidz created some of the most classic Club Music that Baltimore produced in the 90’s so we’re REALLY happy that Booman was able to hook this up for us. I even laid down new vocals so you know it’s official.

Click HERE to get the single and the album art NOW!

And check out this link to see more about The Doo-Dew Kidz: Doo-Dew Kidz Introduction.

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