Photos from the “Feature Presentation” Shoot

Unfortunately I don’t have some nice photos from the shoot we did while I was in LA.  That crew was quite small.  And though the crew for the B’more part of the shoot was small as well, we had Impulse with us and he always seems to have a camera with him nowadays.  He was nice enough to send over these shots and since we’re releasing the video tomorrow (YES!) I think it’s a good idea to share these pics today.

All of the footage we did in LA was shot by my man Marc Wershckul for his company Guac and Gravy but Cynthia wasn’t out west with us so (with my new 7D!) I grabbed the footage of her here in Bmore.  I’m not going to claim my footage is as good as Marc’s but I think it all blends together well enough.  Come by tomorrow though and you can be the judge.  For now see the rest of the pics from the Bmore location of the “Feature Presentation” video below.

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