New Music: Logic Marsalis

My dude Ullnevano sent me over this really dope beat tape by his homie Logic Marsalis.  It’s pretty dope all around.  It’s mixed together which I like but I’d also like to be able to skip from track to track if I wanted to.  But dude handles samples really nicely; chopping them up crazy sometimes (peep hjow he used the same Leo’s Sunshipp sample that Mainframe used but flipped it totally different) and other times knowing when a loop is just THAT good, and then sprinkling in some snippets from movies and vocal samples to keep things interesting.  I really like how he has a sample of Mos Def saying “NICE!” and “Magic” every now and again.  He’s without a doubt influenced by Dilla but you know I can get behind that.  Check it out for yourself and leave us a comment with your thoughts!  The tracklist is below.

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