Kane Mayfield – Hello!

Haven’t posted about my dude Kane Mayfield in about a year. Back when I went to his microshow in Baltimore. A lot has happened since then. Kane has landed on 2DopeBoyz with his single “Wreck” and has been traveling around the states, doing shows and making moves.

Yesterday Kane dropped a new single called “Hello!” It’s a really stripped down beat that lets Kane’s ability to hit with a lot of punchlines and wordplay shine while doing it in a more restrained but still confident delivery than I’m used to hearing from him.  It really works and I liked this joint the second I heard it. I’ve played it a few times since and it’s just really fucking solid joint. Kane said that he’s got a lot in store for us soon. If it’s more music like “Hello” then “yes please.”

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Matth Damon – “So Long”

If you frequent this blog then you’ve heard of the homie matth aka matth damon. And if you frequent this blog you might also know that I’m huge fan of this dude right here. This joint is testament as to why. The beat has the perfect emotion for matth to spit lines like “No dimes or wooden nickels, see change is detrimental, but fame I’m just not into” as he muses on what the music biz has become (“skinny jeans will get your Youtube viewed) and where his place is within it (maybe my timing is off/ but I been fighting for my life trynna survive behind bars).

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UllNevaNo – “Hand Movements”

UllNevaNo is back again!  I don’t know anyone that works as hard as he does.  This joint is from his next mixtape, The Color Brown 2, where he’ll be rhyming over tracks by Apollo Brown. The track is called “Hand Movements,” referencing the movements that MC’s do as they spit their rhymes.  The track is dope. Check it out below and let me know what you think.