New Music from U’ll Neva No


Our homie U’ll Neva No sent over this track from his upcoming mixtape entitled “The Color Purple,” where he raps over beats by Dilated Peoples’ Evidence.  This song is called Change Ya Battle Stance, and is a straight up beats and rhymes type battle track.  You may have heard of U’ll Neva No from his numerous battles throughout Bmore and up in New York.  He’s also part of a talented crew called Action Figures who recently released a project called “Fresh Out Da Box.”  Be on the look out for U’ll Neva’s mixtape to drop soon.

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Photos from the Action Figures/Brand Nubian Show

Here are some images from the Action Figures release party featuring Brand Nubian, Biz Markie, Ogun, DJ Two Teks and myself.  In my opinion Action Figures gave the best performance any of them has given separately or collectively.  There was a great crowd from the front to the back of Sonar’s warehouse space and everyone from Action Figures to Ogun to Brand Nubian fed off of that.   Minus Nine and DJ Two Teks did the warm up sets before Action Figures and Brand Nubian respectively and they both whipped the place into a frenzie.  Even if I wasn’t performing last night I would have had a great time.  This was my first time seeing Brand Nubian when they had Puba with them and that was really awesome for me.  I actually forgot how many songs that they have that really had an effect on me over the years.  It was an out and out party.  Big shouts to Pedestrian, Garth and everyone who had a hand in making it a great night.

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