Weekend Shows



Trying to rev up the crowd at roller derby.

So this weekend was supposed to be really chill but I was asked to do a second performance on Saturday at “the house that Scion built,” and I ended up having a REALLY busy weekend.

Friday was pretty chill. I stayed in the house and worked on some design ideas for DUMB HEAVY but really didn’t come up with much. I watched a little of the Laker game which proved to be really exciting, going into overtime. (Lake Show went home with the dub though and I wasn’t happy about that.)

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A Great Night; Thank You.

Release Party On Stage
zu_keeny, DJ Impulse, Cynthia Hawkes, Tia, and E Major.

Majority Rules Party

Last night was really amazing. I think both Ab Rock and myself had good sets. The turnout for the show was really nice and I really felt the love in the building. It was a really loose atmosphere and we just partied. Personally I just wanted to have fun and celebrate the release of “Majority Rules” and I think we did that properly. I have to thank everyone that bought T shirts. Ya’ll don’t know how much that helps. We love making music but we can’t keep doing it without making a little money. There are bills to pay and if I want to give the album away free like we’re doing, then the shirts and the shows and the merch are the only places where we can make any money. So thanks to those that supported. We are planning on getting physical copies of the CD’s in a limited run and there were some folks that put down their money and their info to get one when they’re in. I thank you all for that as well.

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