Majority Rules, All Over

No pic today. Just a quick update. The word is definitely being spread via the information super highway about Majority Rules. As I’ve stated time and again, I just want people to hear it, so when I see someone who has Kev Brown, Oddisee (What up Low Budget!), Lupe Fiasco, Little Brother, etc. as music choices on their Myspace page, I generally hit them up and ask them to listen and tell me what they think. I was lucky enough to hit up a beautiful young Brit the other day who was kind enough to then write about it on her blog. You can check it out here: Bloggers are a big reason that people get into new artists now a days because you’re getting someones opinion with no spin. (Well mostly) For this reason I gotta thank Amelia over the pound there for getting a discussion going about your boy. Cheers!!!

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This Week…


Majority Rules OKP Review

A screenshot of the Okayplayer review.


Yes it’s absolutely true, I do not rest. I mean I try to get my beauty sleep but I’m usually dreaming about what I can do next musically or “grind-wise.” So a while back I sent the good folks at Okayplayer an early download of “Majority Rules” and being the good people that they are, they followed through and wrote about the album today. Well they published it today at least. And it was a quite favorable review. You can probably read the details in the above image but in case you want to head directly to the article you can go HERE. A review by OKP is always a good look and we really hope it gets some shine for the album.

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Weekend Shows



Trying to rev up the crowd at roller derby.

So this weekend was supposed to be really chill but I was asked to do a second performance on Saturday at “the house that Scion built,” and I ended up having a REALLY busy weekend.

Friday was pretty chill. I stayed in the house and worked on some design ideas for DUMB HEAVY but really didn’t come up with much. I watched a little of the Laker game which proved to be really exciting, going into overtime. (Lake Show went home with the dub though and I wasn’t happy about that.)

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