“Make It’ Video Shoot


On the Scene.


It’s a wrap kid!!!  We just got done shooting the video for the second single off of “Majority Rules” called “Make It.” These things are not easy man.  I love videos.  I love watching them, and I love having my own professional grade vids.  The only thing is that they can be really tiring.  It’s two days of all day hard work.  I used to think like “What’s so hard?  You rap at a camera.”  But it’s really not easy.  This was zu_keeny’s first time pulling directorial duties and I think he killed it.  I didn’t get to view dailies or anything but what I did sneak a peak at looked great.  Also directly behind the camera was our man Jay from IndeoTv.  He was a HUGE help and we’re very thankful he was able to be there this weekend.

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More Stuff

Ab Rock Video Still

Video Still From Ab Rock’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” Directed by Hilton Carter.


Peace Under Sound Family. For those that haven’t yet seen it, head over to www.hiltoncarter.com to see Ab Rock’s video for “Who Do You Think You Are?” The video, of course directed by the genius boy wonder, Hilton Carter, was edited by our own zu_keeny and features cameo’s from Yours Truly and Young Zen. So even though Ab’s not an official Under Sound artist, we made it an Under Sound celebration. That’s just how we do it. Marc Evans is the man behind the voice in the video and if you don’t know “GET FAMILIAR!

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Video Shoot, More Pub

Me and the “multi media artist” zu_keeny.


I am a little late on this but my man Mr. Shadeed has put up the full interview with your boy. It’s a pretty cool interview, so you should check it out on Indie Planet.

Me and keeny have been talking about the video shoot this weekend. I think it’s gonna be really dope. It’s for “Make It” produced by the Heroes 4 Hire. Definitely check for me on their upcoming release, “Sex, Drugs & Chopped Up Soul”. I think Pale said that’ll be out in a month or so. I love these guys so much, I’m considering lifting my ban on Pale’s dancing. (Just kidding, no dancing Pale.)

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