Oh Fun, a Video!

So today we have a new media section and along with my video for “Nuthin’ Nice” directed Hilton Carter, you can also see the latest installment of what we call simply “The Show.”  This episode is coming out of order on some Star Wars shit.  We’ll have episodes 5 and 6 soon though.  But this is myself and Zen when we went down to ATL for the A3C conference.  We didn’t video everything, (we didn’t want to seem like weirdos when hanging out with some friends and artists down there) but we did get a good bit of footage.  Some fun and funny shit for sure.

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Ab Rock’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” Video

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Directed by Hilton Carter and edited by Aaron “zu” Keeny, this is the first video/single from Ab Rock’s “Mid-Midlife Crisis.” (Yes, that’s a quarter life crisis for you mathematicians.) Ab’s music deals with a lot of the struggle that we all face every day from family life to work to trying to follow a dream in the midst of all of it. This video really embodies the spirit of Ab’s work and shows all of the facets that make him who he is as a person and as an artist.

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