Jerome Baker III Mix, Hezekiah “Conscious Porn” Reviews

This past Thursday Redy Set DC had their first Fashion District event and the big homie Jerome Baker III held down the wheels along with Tom Lim and Stereofaith.  Jerome, who runs one of the best blogs out of DC, Better Than Yours,  posted their mixes from the night on the site.  Click here to download their mix of everything from House to Hip Hop.

Also, doing big things (as always) is our good friend Hezekiah.  He’s been featured many times on leading up to the release of his Conscious Porn album.  You can also see a review of the album over at HipHopDX!  Make sure you support Hez by picking up the album on iTunes today!

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Music Review: Sir Tizzy – The Wackness

The Wackness Mixtape Cover (Offical)

I’m not sure if many people know of or have seen the film The Wackness.  When I saw the trailor for it I was actually really hopeful.    With the exception of movies like 8 mile and Notorious (don’t knock it unless you’ve seen it!), Hip Hop usually tends to not transfer well to the screen; coming off contrived or corny.  I was all excited for film The Wackness because it not only boasted a soundtrack filled with mid 90’s classic Hip Hop, but it also starred Ben Kingsley, whom I really admire as an actor, as a pot smokey shrink who lives somewhere between morally rightious and totally fucked up.  I was unfortunately disapointed and the film was kind of a silly New York teenage love story with some really good music in the background.  Never the less I was interested when my friend I-Ron of  Tempo Tandrum and Status Apparatus sent me this mixtape by his cousin Sir Tizzy.  He did a number of the tracks on this album and in my opinion the best tracks.  Sidenote: He also has a beat on The Major Major Mixtape coming soon! (Shameless plug! LOL!).

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