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City Paper Name’s “Better Than Yours” In It’s Top 10 of 2011

I guess someone agrees that it really is Better Than Yours! Thanks to the City Paper for the mention. It’s always good to get recognized for what you do. As an artist it lets you know someone is listening and it gives you the fuel to keep on going.

~E Major

Rome Cee Featured On City Paper’s Noise Blog

That’s right, our homie Rome Cee is starting to build that buzz.  Coming out the gate swinging with his short, but sweet “Rap Messiah Freestyle,” he’s just been featured on City Paper’s Noise Blog.  I’m sure you’ve listened to the track which we just posted a couple of days ago, so you know the heat Rome is coming with.  Head over to the article and read what City Paper has to say about Rome and about Under Sound Music.

~E Major

UllNevaNo’s Favorite Hip Hop Albums of 2010

Our homie UllNevaNo listens to more Hip Hop albums then anyone I know.  He’s not only an artist, he’s truly a fan of this music.  So naturally when I wanted to post up a list of some of the best Hip Hop from the underground I asked him what his favorites of 2010 are.  He wrote back with the following list.  I have a few albums on here that I’m going to have to check out! -E

“My top 10 Hip Hop albums for 2010 are and this was extremely tough, there was a tremendous amount of good that dropped this year.. 1.Boog Brown and Apollo Brown- Brown Study 2. Homeboy SandMan-The Good Sun 3. Von Pea-Peas Gotta Have It 4. The Roots-How I Got Over 5. Strong Arm Steady-In Search of Stoney Jackson 6.Trek Life and Oddisee-Everything Changed Nothing 7.Skyzoo and Illmind-Live from the Tape Deck 8. J-Live-Undvided Attention EP 9.LMNO and Astronote(10 pack)-Tripping on this Journey 10.Gangrene(Alchemist and Oh No)-Gutter Water”

Jerome Baker III Mix, Hezekiah “Conscious Porn” Reviews

This past Thursday Redy Set DC had their first Fashion District event and the big homie Jerome Baker III held down the wheels along with Tom Lim and Stereofaith.  Jerome, who runs one of the best blogs out of DC, Better Than Yours,  posted their mixes from the night on the site.  Click here to download their mix of everything from House to Hip Hop.

Also, doing big things (as always) is our good friend Hezekiah.  He’s been featured many times on leading up to the release of his Conscious Porn album.  You can also see a review of the album over at HipHopDX!  Make sure you support Hez by picking up the album on iTunes today!

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Ullnevano’s “The Color Brown” Review

Brandon Soderberg gave a great review of Ullnevano‘s The Color Brown mixtape today on Splice Today Check it out here.