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New Interview: E Major on iNoslen


The folks at iNoslen reached out to me this past Thursday and asked if I wanted to be featured on the show and I jumped at the chance. Noslen asked me about everything from how I got started to where I’m going with my music. Check it out at I’m the second guest at about halfway through.


~E Major

New DJ Impulse Interview


You have to peep this interview that DJ Impulse did with DJ Zimmie out in Portland. Impulse tells a bunch of stories about how things got started. It’s dope for me to hear because I was around for a lot of it. (He mentions me as Ian) It’s starts out slow but stick with it. Listen HERE.

~E Major

Audio Interview: E Major talks to


Check out my interview with for their “The Slice Extended” feature. It’s a really in depth and really good discussion.

~E Major

New Video: E Major – Slow It Down

This video was actually the first one I made after moving to Los Angeles. Visually and sonically I was exploring my new surroundings. The track has a woozier, more mellowed out feel that was influenced by the laid back feeling I get being in LA and I wanted to represent that feeling visually as well so we went all the way from Joshua Tree to the beach shooting images.

Also, make sure to check out my most recent interview with Death Chambers music blog.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of the latest video.

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E Major Interview with The Hip Hop Halftime Show

emajor-interviewI had the pleasure of doing a phone interview with Georgia’s Hip Hop Halftime show. It’s a great show that you should all check out online. I have the interview below.

~E Major