Lets GO!

What up world, this is E Major once again. The above picture is from when Zen went to London and France and was posting up Under Sound heavy. I just wanted to give you all a little update on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

First and foremost you might notice down on the right that we have links to our Facebook and Myspace pages. Please link up with us so we can be all friendly and whatnot. That’s where a lot of people have found out about us so the social networking scene has definitely been good to us.

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“Make It’ Video Shoot


On the Scene.


It’s a wrap kid!!!  We just got done shooting the video for the second single off of “Majority Rules” called “Make It.” These things are not easy man.  I love videos.  I love watching them, and I love having my own professional grade vids.  The only thing is that they can be really tiring.  It’s two days of all day hard work.  I used to think like “What’s so hard?  You rap at a camera.”  But it’s really not easy.  This was zu_keeny’s first time pulling directorial duties and I think he killed it.  I didn’t get to view dailies or anything but what I did sneak a peak at looked great.  Also directly behind the camera was our man Jay from IndeoTv.  He was a HUGE help and we’re very thankful he was able to be there this weekend.

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Majority Rules, All Over

No pic today. Just a quick update. The word is definitely being spread via the information super highway about Majority Rules. As I’ve stated time and again, I just want people to hear it, so when I see someone who has Kev Brown, Oddisee (What up Low Budget!), Lupe Fiasco, Little Brother, etc. as music choices on their Myspace page, I generally hit them up and ask them to listen and tell me what they think. I was lucky enough to hit up a beautiful young Brit the other day who was kind enough to then write about it on her blog. You can check it out here: www.putmeonit.com. Bloggers are a big reason that people get into new artists now a days because you’re getting someones opinion with no spin. (Well mostly) For this reason I gotta thank Amelia over the pound there for getting a discussion going about your boy. Cheers!!!

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