Majority Rules NEW Review; Ringtones Available

What’s up everyone.  This are a steady moving along.  We’ve been sending out text messages, emails, Myspace and Facebook, etc. to promote our latest fun “Majority Rules” related thang-a-majig, RING TONES!  Right now you can get “Nuthin’ Nice” featuring Hezekiah for your phone by texting EMAJOR1 to 69937.  It’s that simple.  You’ll be charged $1.99 to your phone bill though.  Thanks for supporting good music ya’ll.

In other news “Majority Rules” received a glowing review in Baltimore’s City Paper this week.  The review was written by Brandon Soderburg of the blog No Trivia, where he also posted the review.  It’s also on the City Paper’s website.  So far the critics have really taken a liking to the album and I couldn’t be more pleased with the response.  Reading Brandon’s review I feel like he really got the album and as an artist that’s a really cool thing.

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Oh Fun, a Video!

So today we have a new media section and along with my video for “Nuthin’ Nice” directed Hilton Carter, you can also see the latest installment of what we call simply “The Show.”  This episode is coming out of order on some Star Wars shit.  We’ll have episodes 5 and 6 soon though.  But this is myself and Zen when we went down to ATL for the A3C conference.  We didn’t video everything, (we didn’t want to seem like weirdos when hanging out with some friends and artists down there) but we did get a good bit of footage.  Some fun and funny shit for sure.

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It’s Saturday

Dre Beloved with his setup at the Under House.

All I can say is WOW. Dre came over today and Dre being Dre, he brought over not a CD with beats… he brought over his WHOLE computer setup with his board and everything. A lot of you will know Dre as the dude that produced “Magnificent pt. 0” and “Nuthin’ Nice” from Majority Rules, but Dre is also a talented MC. He’s got some real bangers. Both solo stuff and beats that he’s got in the vault. And I’m talking I almost Earl of Sandwiched (thats puked for the uninformed) cause they were so sick. Not to give too much away, I’ll be doing some serious work with Dre in the coming months. For now if you want to hear me on Dre’s beats, cop the album!

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