Rock the Bells, Merriweather

Ok, so I blew it in a BIG way, because I assumed by boy Mike Kno that went to Rock the Bells with me would have a camera with him.  I have a crap camera so I usually rely on others to take pics and send them.  I need to get a new camera for real!  Anyway, my girl Leigha will be sending me some pics soon, so I’ll try to put them up tonight or tomorrow.

Rock the Bells was something else.  I could not believe how many people were at this event.  It was a total surprise.  I’ve personally never attended a hip hop event with that many people.  It was crazy because I was seeing tons of people from B’more down there.  I saw Black Classic, Face and their crew, Days Dirges, Ab Rock, ~C from Turntable Club, Steez from Steezpromo, and a gang of other folks.  Zen was also in attendance with some of her friends. It’s a totally different discussion but I have to say that there is something wrong with the radio and the music industry when you look at the interest in groups like Tribe, Mos, Nas and De La and they’re not getting the push for their albums that half ass, no talent teen aged rappers are getting.  Some can’t even release their shit on major labels any more.  It’s ridiculous.

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Blu Show Wrap Up; Bmore Original Radio in The City Paper

E Major and zu_keeny on stage

E Major and zu_keeny on stage opening for Blu and Exile.

Ok, we’re a bit late but what the heck, I don’t have time to write these things every day unfortunately. I am always juggling my accounts and Under Sound’s accounts from social networks to blogs, etc…

So anyway, last weeks show opening for Blu and Exile went really well. When I open up for an artist, especially one that I have respect for like Blu, I make it my job to really warm the crowd up. I mean, IMO that’s what an opening act is for. If you got a bunch of acts that no one cares to see and bore the crowd to death then that really sucks for main act because they have to work so hard to get the crowd up to the right “amped-ness” (I made that word up).

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